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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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About spiders:
Spiders are not insects are of the family of the arachnids. Spiders have eight eyes and eight legs but in some species spiders can have less than eight eyes. These arachnids have hairon their eight legs, these hair help them to hear what surrounds them becouse they don’t have ears. There are different types of spiders that come in different colors and sizes, they can have longerlegs, smaller body, and less eyes… there are more than a hundred of types and species. Depending on the habitat the species are distributed on an area, they can be in barns, ponds houses junglesforests…there are so many places where we can found spiders and in this case we founded in our school.
About spider’s preys:
A spiders preys can be almost any insect. The most common method that spidersuse is the spider web. This web is made of silk that the spider produces. These webs can trap insects that the spider eats or save for other cases. The spider is also a pray for some animals. Theseare some examples spider preys:
* Crickets
* Grasshoppers
* Bees
* Moths
* Flies
* And some others

These are some examples of spider’s enemies:
* Wasps
* Birds
*Other kinds of spiders
* Lizards
* Even their own wife can be their lethal enemy

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* Magnifier glass
* Artificial web
Animals included:* Spiders
* Insects in spider´s web
We are going to choose a tree where we can work. Then we are going to look for two spider web in different height. After that we are going to puttwo artificial webs in different heights. We are going to watch for them every week and see what animal they catch. Finally we compare the characteristics of the animals in the spider webs and...
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