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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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was 31 October 2010.
a group of children were on an excursion went to the museum of Egyptian culture, two of them put too much attention because they were concerned about the mummies on the namesof these two children are luis and jose ...
luis: as you notice lack a mummy
jose: we have to investigate where
I leave the group without them realized they were alone in the museum ...
luis:So look see
jose: not what is it?
luis: the mummy
jose: we have to hide lest we see
luis: better to look for our group and we go from here
jose: is it a better idea
luis: because we'rewaiting
jose: no way! trucks are not
luis: And now that we?
jose: you better not be here when the mummy returns
jose luis and hid for a while but came a time when they got hungry and went looking forfood ...
jose: you see the mummy somewhere?
luis: no not here we go for food and returned quickly to the bathroom
jose: we go to the candy machine.
with a fear so great Luis ran to thebathroom leaving out jose, jose followed him and asked what was going on, not realizing the mummy knew where they were ...
luis: the mummy has followed you right?
jose: I do not think
luis: I hearfootsteps I think this close ...
jose: shhh!
but they kept silent mum found them and planned to sacrifice ...
luis: where we take
jose: do not you have to escape it sure wants to kill us
luis:you're right there to hit
jose luis and the mummy beat him in the arm then his arm was broken and very angry mummy followed ....
JOSE: I have a good idea
luis: what is dime
jose: we go to thebathroom and threw wet paper to get rid
luis: yeah it's a good idea
then went to the bathroom and began to wet the paper so that the mummy stay away altogether ...
jose: we must be ready
luis: siiand I have everything ready
jose: either 1 2 3
luis: ready to go ...
began to throw balls of paper and so the mummy was defeated at last the nightmare is over and they returned home happy ...
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