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1-Listening (10 marks) A)Escuche la siguiente grabación. Marque la respuesta correcta (A, B o C). El orden de las preguntas corresponde al orden de la información dada.

1- She retired ____ years ago a) nearly 3 b) 3 c) more than 3 2- After retiring, she realized that a) her life was boring b) she had to do something c) all her children had left home 3- She uses the RV for a) living b) going onholidays c) travelling abroad 4- Her children a) Loved the idea b) Didn’t like the RV c) Thought Sylvia was crazy 5- She __________ meetings with other people a) arranges b) organises c) goes to B) Escuche la siguiente grabación. Marque las frases con T (TRUE) , F (FALSE) o DS (DOESN’T SAY) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The woman says she prefers the Volvo The woman thinks the Golf is too small The womandamaged their car when she was trying to park The Volvo is cheaper than the Golf In the end, the man and the woman can’t decide what to buy.

2. Language in context (10 marks) Elija la opción A, B o C que mejor resonda a los enunciados del 1 al 10 1. I’m sorry we don’t have your size. A. what a pity! B. I hope so C. I’ll take it. A. I’m as blind as a bat B. I need to go to the doctor’s C. Ok, that’llbe fine A ..raining cats and dogs! B. swimming time! C. lovely! A. Please turn the volume down B. Curiosity killed the cat!

2. I can’t see anything! I think I need glasses

3. We are going to get soaked! It’s ………..

4. Why are you so nosy?

C. Do you have a cold? 5. I’ll have the hake, please. A. Medium or well-cooked? B. Do you need an aspirin? C. Not at all. A. You eat little B. Youlike eating a lot. C. You eat like an animal. A) in an office B) in a cinema C) in a museum A) in a bank B) on a bus C) in a cinema A) in a letter B) in a shop C) in a café

6. You eat like a horse

7. You can look, but you can’t touch the pictures

8. Please give the right money to the driver

9. How can I help you?

10. How long does it take to get there?

A) at the airport B) in anexam C) in a shop

3. Grammar in use (10 marks) Elija la respuesta correcta A,B,C or D.

1._______ study English here next year. a) I’m going to b) I will c) I go to d) I want

2. What was the problem? Why __________________________ leave early? a) had you to b) did you have to c) must you d) you had to

3. We _________ hurry. We have plenty of time. a) mustn’t b) don’t have to c)shouldn’thave d) shall

4. ‘Could you show me your driving license, please?’ The policeman _______________ driving license.

a) told me to show him your c) said me if I can show

b) asked to me to show him my d) asked me to show him my

5. The view is wonderful. If ________________ a camera with me, I would have taken some photographs. a) I had b) I would have c) I would have had d) I’d had

6.‘Do you think it will rain?’ ‘________________’. a) I hope not b) I don’t hope c) I don’t hope so d) I hope don’t

7. I don’t understand this sentence. What ____________________ ? a) does mean this word c) means this word b) does this word mean d) this word means

8. When Lisa came to Britain, she had to get used __________________ on the left. a) driving b) to driving c) to drive d) drive

9.Lucy ______________________ . She left last month. a) still doesn’t work here c) no more works here b) doesn’t still work here d) doesn’t work here any more

10. If you hadn’t told me it was him, I ___________ him. a) hadn’t recognised c) I wouldn’t recognised b) should have recognised d) haven’t recognised

4- Interacting (20 marks) Escriba la segunda frase utilizando la palabra en negrita ymanteniendo el significado de la frase original. No cambie la palabra en negrita 1. ‘Would you prefer to have a table by the window?’ the waiter asked. we The waiter asked us ……………………………………to have a table by the window. 2. I’m getting bored here – let’s go to a different place. we I’m getting bored here – why ………………………….. else? 3. Joe had financial problems, but bought a new motorbike. despite...