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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Discussion Question

1.- information systems are too important to be left to computer specialist. Do you agree ? Why or Why not ?No, because if we are talking of computer specialst it means that they will fix the system or the ordinator and in this case information system is a business processandthe specialist can not resolve if there will be a problem in the company, so in this case information system should be management by a group of people who knowabout information and who can take a decision in a problem. Althought the majority of biggest companies use a software which integrates easily the information about thenational and international sales.

2.- It has been said that Toyota’s most valuable asset is « The Toyota Way ». Discuss the implications of this statementfor the role of informationsystems in that company.

Toyotas's most valuable asset is "The Toyota ways". This statements for the role of information systems inToyota company has advantages and disadvantages that will be explained below.


1.- The quality and reliability of Toyota are goldstandard.
2.- Customer loyalty is so high that Toyota can make sales without heavy discounting.
3.- The production systems, is based on lean production -eliminating waste while optimizing value.
4.- Variety of technologies.


1.-If someone have an accident car the software arevery expensive to chance.
2.-The car insurance company for Toyota cars is very expensive.
3.-If the car's computer has a problem the car doesn't work.
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