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A sleeping giant

Leadership is developed from a potential that lies in people. Sometimes they are powerful motivations that converge in a given situation and produce the necessary internal disturbance.

This means that:
• There are huge amounts of lead lost or never activated
• The environment was not influential enough to cause a reaction creating the opportunity.
•There was a void, an absence that is seen in society.
• take advantage problems, solutions do not arrive or are very rare.

That's just what leaders can do through the systematized set of actions that can achieve sustainable results.

The leader, first and foremost:
• Is the person's vision of "dreams", which helps build
• Is the person of action, the implementation of decisions
• Youwill be measured at the seemingly impossible possible because it is done.

The leader has to have an integrated vision, systemic, not partial, which adopts an attitude of learning to find out what roads to build and how to teach others to visit them. Hence, there are two conditions that are necessary to activate when the lead:
• future vision
• the strategy.

The leadership needs thesevalues:
Creativity requires the leader to innovate and dare to rethink things that seem immovable or transform these realities with creative thinking based on a decentralized, not subject to rules laid down from a from a command center.

Assertiveness that leads to always maintain an open and sincere, frank, not submissive stereotypes, opting for views that highlight how much that is positiveaccount

Assume the risk that leads to not being a spectator but an agent of change, not a change for change or a fad but a change that involves new horizons of action.

Proactive because it looks to the future to anticipate, in a responsible and active to overcome the problems by not surrendering to adverse circumstances or by the negative reactions of others.

2. Need for action
It isabove all productive human activity, which is done through work, which seeks to leverage resources and benefits, the wealth obtained. Society needs a leadership committed to their needs and development opportunities that are presented today in particular.

For example, in a market economy, who does his own transformation of production ends up being overwhelmed by the competition can notpassively wait for that to happen, and we must anticipate events.

In people there is the desire to grow, which leads them to see how to achieve in the shortest time possible and get creative with attitude in this task. This also applies to organizations in today's society: desire to grow, to expand into new markets for more and better results. If many people think, and thereby make the company feelthat momentum.

The decision-making is paramount. The decision starts the action and extends as far as running. We may say that continues throughout the purposes (future commitments), provided that there is stability and consistency in the task.

Before reaching its implementation is good to think that the intensity of that action has already been prepared for the intensity of theiraspirations, for the clarity of its intentions towards the action and the strength of their commitment to the group and with the entire organization.

The risk of staying on good intentions than to the extent that there is a strong determination on how to organize activities so that functionally correspond to the objective. This clear intention somehow anticipates the action but at the time, constantlyfed.

Activation of leadership always has:

• A strong and persuasive intentions.
• Practical demonstration
• Acting without hesitation,
• Schedule activities with the team

In reality the action that is done is to pass the knowledge on how things should be or how they might be, the theoretical knowledge, consolidated and valued, to how to achieve technically, operationally, what...
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