Teacher and friends

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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Helda Alicia Hidalgo Davila.
Reading and Writing 3

The House in the Hollow

AUTHOR: Donn Byrne
EDITORIAL: MACMILLAN PUBLISHERS LIMITED.INTRODUCTION: Today, my report is about a very interesting story, called “the house in the hollow”. It is about a boy who takes a lot of adventures in the woods, meeting new friend, facing dangeroussituations and so on. This story has a lot of action, adventure, friendship and a lot of good things that you will like to know. For you, here’s a summary of this beautiful and funny story!
PLOT: Thestory is about a young kid, called Peter, who didn’t like his new school in London, so he decide to run away from there and stay into the wood for a couple of days, until his parents listen to him andmake him return to his old school in Canada. He gets into the woods, carrying with him all the necessary things to live there. In the school nobody knows where Peter was; the headmaster of the schoolcalled to his mother to tell her about what happened with Peter. Also he asked to Linda, Peter’s best friend, if she could have any idea of where Peter was, but she didn’t know too much. While Peter isin the woods, he find a boy called Tom, who run away from his “school” too and together, they spend time exploring the woods until Peter’s mom or teachers come to find him. While they were walking,they found a little and abandoned house. But later, they found that in the house were two really dangerous men. One of those men captured Peter and fortunately, Tom could run away from them. He went tothe police station for help but they didn`t help him because they could not believe the story. Peter’s mom went to school to talk whit the headmaster and she found Linda, who told to her that she had aslight idea of where Peter was, so they were to the woods to find him. When they arrived there, they met Tom and he told to them that he knows Peter, that he knows where he was and that he was in...
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