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JULY 7 th


Why is assessment important?

Assessment means judging learners’ performance by collecting information aboutit. We assess learners for different reasons, using different kinds of tests to do so[1].
So assessment is important because it helps teachers know how to best educate children and if you use assessment procedures appropriately, you will help all children learn well.
There are two ways that teachers can use to assess learners: Informal and Formal assessment. Informal assessment is when theteacher gives some comments on the students’ performance after he/she observe how well they are doing something. Formal assessment is when the teacher assesses students’ performance through tests or exams and gives a mark or a grade[2].
Assessment can affect what we tech, how we teach and our learners’ motivation for learning. It is very important for tests to have good influence on teachingand learning.
We shouldn’t use a particular testing method just because it is easy to use and easy to mark. We should consider that Assessments designed for one purpose are not necessarily valid if used for other purposes.
The following general principles should guide both policies and practices for the assessment of young children[3]:
• Assessments must have a clear benefit—either indirect services to the child or in improved quality of educational programs.

• Assessment should be tailored to a specific purpose and should be reliable, valid, and fair for that purpose.

• Assessment should be age appropriate in both content and the method of data collection:

• Assessment should be linguistically appropriate, recognizing that to some extent allassessments are measures of language.
In the following exam I am going to assess unit 5 for third grade of a public secondary school according to SEP standards : Memories, rules and regulations, food and drinks, planning holidays and life in the future.

THIRD GRADEName:____________________________________Grade________Group______

1. Read the text about Luis Vacation and circle the appropriate form of the verb in parentheses.

Close Encounter of the Bear Kind!
On my last vacation I went to Canada. I stayed with a Canadian family. One day we (had / were having) a very close encounter with a bear while we ( had / were having) a pic nic by the Lake Minnewanka. Steve and I (swam / were swimming) inthe Lake while Mr. Krug (was taking / took) some pictures. Mrs. Krug (made / was making) some sandwiches for lunch. Suddenly, we (were hearing / heard) a noise. Mr. and Mrs. Krug ( turned / were turning) around and saw a bear. The bear (walked/ was walking) towards them when four rangers (were arriving / arrived). Luckily, the rangers had their pepper spray and (scared / were scaring) the bearaway. That was the most amazing time of my vacation!

2. Use the information below and match the questions in column A with the answer in column B.

| | |
|1. Where did Luis go on his last vacation?|( ) They used pepper spray |
| | |
|2. Which family did he stay with? |( ) He went to Canada |