Teaching grammar

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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Why to teach grammar?, maybe you have heard someone saying this, well that is because some people think that grammar is not really necessary to learn a second language, but they are wrong because grammar is an essential part when you are learning any language, including your native language.
For some teachers grammar is boring and tired and they preferred not to paya lot of attention in it and sometimes avoid their teaching in the classroom.
It is our job as teachers that students understand the importance that grammar has in the language and the way to use it to improve their language, because grammar is not only a group of rules to follow and that’s it, grammar are the rules that permit us to produce and communicate a good language, grammar is the partof the language that let us to create sentences in a correct way in other to express our feelings, emotions, thought, ideas and a lot of unimaginable things.
When we think in grammar we do not have to think in something stressful and unpleasant, because that is what sometimes our students feel about grammar, and that is something that we have to change in their minds and also change theirfeelings toward the subject.
We need to create and discover new ways to teach grammar and make that our students learn it in an easy, practical, functional, and why not, in a funny way. If we have this as a goal, we can make that our students produce more and better language, we can get that they communicate in a best and a correct way.
English is a wonderful language, and the knowledgeof it can open them many doors, mostly nowadays that the knowledge of a new language is a must, but it is important to produce it in a good way, and grammar is one of the most important keys that will help us to get this.

My investigation is about grammar, what are some important techniques to follow, what are their goals, also the variables that we need to take in toaccount when teaching and also how the communicative approach can help us to give a good and interesting grammar class.
What is Grammar? Grammar is central to the teaching and learning of languages. It is also one of the most difficult aspects of language to teach well. Many people when hear to talk about grammar imagine or think immediately of a lot of rules, sets of word forms and verydifficult things. Teachers, who think in grammar in this way, teach grammar adopting this way and they make that students feel boring and create and environment where students feel stress and they do not produce. They make that sometimes students feel afraid of the language, so they lost interest in learning it. In the other side there are teachers who prefer not to teach grammar atall. They believe that as children acquire their first language without any instruction so they expect or hope that they will acquire a second language in the same way, in other words, they expect that students learn the rules by their own and that is very difficult because students need some help, they need like a push in some moments, or they just need to feel motivated. It is important whenwe are teaching grammar to our students that they understand the importance of grammar in our language and the importance of using it in the best way, recognizing that this not means that they have to talk in a perfect way but the importance here is to improve their language, and one of the best ways is using in an appropriate form the different rules of their language, and how the will learn it,well very easy, using the grammar as tool in their daily learning.
The Communicative Approach and Grammar The full name of the Communicative Approach (CA) is "The Communicative-Adaptive approach. The communicative approach (CA) was developed by Robert Langs MD, in the early 1970's. In the communicative approach (MEP, 2003, p.22) learners are the central and the teacher is just a...