Teaching grammar

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Grammar Teaching Techniques
Eliciting is a technique used by the teacher during the lesson that involves the language learner in the process of discovering and understanding language.Process:
1.- Teacher gives sample sentences using the grammar to be taught of grammar teaching. (Teacher uses the present simple talking about his/her habits.)
Teacher uses the present simpletalking about his/her habits.
E. g. I get up early.
I take a shower at 6:00am.
I have breakfast at 7:00am.

2.- Teacher writes on the board a question to elicit in student`s answerusing the new grammar.
What is your daily routine?

3.- Teacher asks this question to some students.
Adriana, what is your daily routine?

4.- If students make mistakes, the teacher correctsgently without explaining the grammar.
Example of mistake: Correct sentence:
I to sleep at 8:00pm.I sleep at 8:00pm.

5.- Teacher writes on the board the example of students corrected.
- Mario: I walk on the principal avenue. correct
-Raul: I go to bed at 9:00pm. correct
- Elizabeth: I to have tea every day. I have tea every day. correct

6.- Teacherexplains the use of the topic without explaining the grammatical structure.
Use the Simple Present to express that an action is repeated or usual. The action can be a habit, a hobby, a daily event, ascheduled event or something that often happens.

1.- Eliciting keeps the students alert, because the students know that they could be called upon at any time since theteacher gives a general question for the whole class to they shout out their answers.
2.- Eliciting helps the teacher realize if the students are listening and understanding or not.
3.- Eliciting...