Teaching in a era of technology

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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With the advent of technology and different types on-line communicate; the world is at our students’ fingertips. This provides an array of options for teachingresources, which far outweigh the challenge posed by technology. Getting our students to learn involves getting to know and using tools from their technology-filled world. These tools, in fact, can become avaluable bridge to close the gap between our students and the learning process.
Internet offers a variety of ways in which we can get our students’ attention by appealing to their need of usingtechnology and still achieve the learning objectives we have set out for them. Some very useful resources:
* Blogs(Web logs)
* Podcasts
* Wikis
* Social networks
* E-mail
Ablog is a short form for web log, an online diary where people get in touch with others for different reasons (family, hobbies, occupations, projects, etc.)

A wiki is a software program thatenables people to edit documents collaboratively.

Social Networks
Social networks are highly popular among teenagers.

It is a media file that is available for download (voice, video,music) Downloads can be stored in a computer or in a mp3 or mp4 player (iPod, others).

It is an effective tool to provide feedback during the writing process. Students can e-mail drafts toeach other and comment on their work (Peer editing and revising teacher feedback).


Well, what I think about of this entire theme is that technology in this year is veryimportant, but also helps us a lot, talking in general things.
Because if you need to do a homework technology help you, if you need to find something Internet helps you, also if you want to be entertainyou can use the internet. And because of that reasons TECHNOLOGY is very important and that why teachers has to be included in this, because is easier to them to be connected with their children’s ,...
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