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W H questions

• Why don't I help you?
Because you don't help me in my problema.
• What did she said?
nothing she said nothing.
• When did you take ashower?
I take a shower in the night
• What time did you get up?
I got up at 7 o'clock.
• Why didn't he like the movie?
Because He didn't like the movie.• How much did she pay?
She paid $10.
• What kind of pie did you eat?
I ate an apple pie?
• When did you play tennis?
I played tennis last week.• Who did they write to?
They wrote to Ellen.
• What time did the meeting finish?
The meeting finished late.

Did & Didn't
• Did you do homework last night?Yes I did my homework
• How did she bought the car?
Because she have Money.
• Did you study for last exam?
Yes I did, I stady Because thisexam is verry complicated.
• Did you help your mom at home yesterday?
Yes I help her at home.
• Did you have a car?
Yes I did have car
• Did you goto a party last weekend?
No I didn't go to a party
• Do you have babies?
No I don't have babies.
• Did you g oto a paris?
No I didn't• Did you ate last morning?
No I didn't
• Did you practice volleyball this wekend?
No I didn't
Used to& Didn't Used to

1. I used to practicevolleyball
2. I used eat potatoes
3. I used to talk in my class
4. I used to take a shower in the morning
5. I used to play soccer
6. I didn't used to playbaseball
7. I didn't used to drink coffe
8. I didn't used to talk in my house
9. I didn't used to working in the night
10. I didn't used to wash the dishes