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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Brought to you by Hewlett-Packard Company, Maker of the HP Jornada Pocket PC* A personal digital assistant (PDA) is a hand-held computer that allows you to store, access, and organize information. Most PDAs work on either a Windows-based or a Palm operating system. PDAs can be screen-based or keyboard-based, or both. Basic PDAs allow you to storeand retrieve addresses and phone numbers, maintain a calendar, and create to-do lists and notes. More sophisticated PDAs can run word processing, spreadsheet, money manager, and electronic book reading programs, and also provide e-mail and Internet access. Some PDAs come with all of these programs included. Some of the programs may be limited versions of ones that run on desktop computers. Forothers, you have to acquire or purchase extra software to run these programs. Some PDAs play music and record voice memos, while some others can with additional hardware. Most PDAs can exchange information with a desktop or laptop computer, although you may have to buy additional accessories. E-Mail and Internet Access Most PDAs allow you to download e-mails and some Internet content from a desktop orlaptop computer. You can write e-mails with most PDAs and later send them from your computer. Some PDAs come with software for accessing certain brands of e-mail accounts. Additional software may be available to access other brands of e-mail accounts. Some PDAs also come with Internet browser software, while other PDAs require users to purchase browser software separately. Many PDAs can accesse-mail and the Internet by connecting to a telephone jack, although you may have to purchase a special modem. Other PDAs can provide wireless access to e-mail and the Internet if you buy a wireless modem or connect them to certain types of digital mobile phones. Still other PDAs permit wireless access to email and the Internet without the need for additional hardware or software.


Forinformation about the HP Jornada Pocket PC, visit www.hp.com/jornada.

For wireless e-mail and Internet access, you must subscribe to a wireless data network service. You may have to pay a monthly flat fee, connection-time fees, or some other type of fee for that wireless service. Some PDAs may also require you to sign up for a wireless service with a specific ISP, so check before buying. In addition,wireless service may not be available in all areas of the United States or the world, so check with the wireless service provider. Quality of Internet and E-mail Access Currently, the ability to access the content of the Internet through a PDA is more limited than through a desktop computer. Some PDAs permit you to browse any URL on the Web using many Internet service providers (ISPs). Other PDAsrequire a subscription to a specific ISP. Check before buying if it important for your use. Be aware that not all content of every Web site may be available on a PDA either because of the limited power relative to a desktop computer or because the PDA does not come with the software necessary to view all content on every Web site. Sometimes, additional software may be purchased and loaded ontothe PDA to allow additional Web content to be displayed on a PDA. Some Internet features that are available to most desktop computer users may not be available to PDA users. For example, PDAs may not allow users to play certain games, use certain audio or video features, or view information in certain formats like PDF (Portable Document Format) files. No currently available PDAs support Real Player,Shockwave, QuickTime, or other multimedia programs available on some Web sites. Many PDAs allow you to access your e-mail accounts, but some PDAs limit your ability to send, receive, or view e-mail attachments. Not all devices are able to display attachments in popular formats like MS Word and HTML without additional software. Connecting to a Desktop or Notebook Computer Typically, PDAs come...
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