Techniques to learn french

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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Different Techniques to Learn French

The majority of people, who learn French for the first time, have many problems facing the variety of verb conjugations it has. Also when the classroomconditions are not the appropriate, learning this language can be difficult and stressful. Even though students learn French with the techniques that teachers use at the university, there are some differenttechniques like watching movies, having a pen pal and playing games on line which can help in the learning process.

The first technique that can be applied in French learning process is watchingmovies. When students watch French movies they learn about culture. For example, they learn how native speakers interact each other, idioms that they use and customs or traditions from the country. Inaddition, when French learners watch movies they exercise their listening and speaking skills. While watching a movie they hear the real language because actors in films talk like that, and it helpsstudents to pronounce the way they do. Moreover, learners exercise their listening skills because they can compare the differences in pronunciation depending on the region where the movie was filmed.Besides, watching movies allows students to see other country sites without traveling. Learners can identify important places that might be included in the film like Castles from the Middle Age. Ifstudents apply this technique they would be more interested in learning more about this language.

Secondly, a great way for students to make friends around the world and to practice French languageskills is to get an international pen-friend. Having a French pen pal is a good tool in order to get more information about France. In the internet lots of pages are offering free services toeveryone so that, students are able to look for French pen pal and have regular communication. Arranging a French pen pal provides students the opportunity to learn about lifestyle and general culture....
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