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Information technology
Is the use of computers and software to manage information, is responsible for storing, protecting, processing, transmitting as necessary, and later retrieving information asnecessary.
°Sensory: Are the ones that allow the user to input information to the system. It has to be digital information. The information could be temperature, movement or even heat, among others.Example: mouse, keyboards, scanners, web cams
°Deployment: Are the ones that show the information of the system. The information must be converted to an understandable format to the user. Theinformation could be shown like text, graphics, video, animation, sound, etc. Example: printers, monitor, speakers.
°Analysis: Are the ones that let the user transform the information. The information canbe classified, calculated, summarized, etc Example: calculators, CPU, software (spread sheet, word processors, email).
°Storage: Are the ones that let the user keep the information. The informationmust be converted to an appropriate format for the storage media. Information could be in an optic, magnetic o printed format. Example: Hard drive, DVD, etc.
°Communication: Are the ones that let theuser transmit the information. The information must be converted to an appropriate format for the communication device. The information could be transmitted as radio frequency, infrared light,electric signs, or sound. Example: modems, satellites, infrared ports, Bluetooth.

*Tendencies: smart phones, virtualization, cloud, energy saving.

*Basic elements of a computer:
°Hardware (computersarchitecture)
-Input devices: They are used to interact with the computer. They give the computer the information and the instructions called by the user.
- Output devices: These devices allow theusers to obtain the processed information in a visual, sound or printed form.
-Processing devices: It is known as the device that executes the instructions and processes in a computer.
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