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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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Student Number: 24
Class Code: AI1002.2

Technology makes life easier
Over the years have been advances in science, and the man began to build machines to facilitate the work, this activity isknown as a technology that has benefited in various ways to assist the development of several discoveries in the world, and connecting all the people no matter where they are they still communicate andkeep everyone informed about everything.
Today the man has become dependent on any technological media to manage information, this is reflected mainly in solving problems in real time, improvingservice and process quality in every field and for any area.
A great strides have reduced the sizes of the processors and smart chips are in millionths of a second really complex operations, managinglarge systems and providing services to million people, so operating costs are reduced and owners infinitely large technology companies in specific sectors such as telecommunications, software,hardware, networking of any kind have expanded in any way that their profits are really unpredictable.
Another important aspect is the proximity that fosters the development of social networks and that theseare real contact with people in very remote location regardless of amount of resources or ideologies, etc, since it requires only a server to use the service. That's why millions of people arelooking for ways to upgrade the management of computers and internet to stay ahead and avoid the isolation and misinformation.

On the other hand as regards education, now a student may have access to alimitless amount of information regarding any topic interest, which will be fully updated and may develop an ability to define and validate critical topics of interest.
As scientific advances, thereis also a rise of knowledge that enable the evolution and development of various disciplines that promote the survival of humans as medicine, biotechnology, pharmacology, neurology, to name a few....
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