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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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Technology can be defined as the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, and crafts, or is systems or methods of organization, or is a material product of these things. These usages of technologywere created to benefit the humanity and to solve our problems, and we have known through history with inventions like cell phones, computers, Internet, and others. Nowadays, these inventions not onlyhave helped to develop the humanity, rather in my point of view it has worsened the human condition. Definitely, technology has gained control of our lives, it is our owner and we are its slaves.Communication is the most important connection between humans, without it we can not do anything, and with technology communication is a hundred times faster that without it. There is a new way ofmeeting new people. Couples are now commonly paired through dating websites, through the use of computer match ups. Chat rooms have become a common form of interaction between people as well, replacinga face-to-face meet up. We can socialize without any effort, just sitting on a comfortable chair in our own house. This lack of communication face-to-face resulted in that people can not have theability to socialize and share more easily. An example of this is “Facebook”, people make friend through this web page but in reality, many people do not know each other, and nowadays the most deplorableis that we depend on it.
Continuing in the same issue of communication, another innovation that has caught the attention is television. Since TV was widely spread, people have spent too much time onwatching TV. More and more people begin to stay at home in place of being outside or they do not share with their family and friends. It also brings healthy problems. Many people calledcouch-potatoes have more possibilities to have fat problems. So many reports confirm that watching TV is wasting our life. We should spend more time on the other things such as going outside, reading or sports...