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CompTIA 220-602 CompTIA A+ IT Technician
Q&A with explanations

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Table of Contents
Topic 1, Personal Computer Components (40Questions) 6 Part 1: Install, configure, optimize and upgrade personal computer components 6 A: Add, remove and configure personal computer components including selection and installation of appropriate components (19 Questions) 6 Part 2: Identify tools, diagnostic procedures and troubleshooting techniques for personal computer components 16 A: Identify and apply basic diagnostic procedures andtroubleshooting techniques (1 Question) 16 B: Recognize and isolate issues with peripherals, multimedia, specialty input devices, internal and external storage and CPUs (2 Questions) 17 C: Identify the steps used to troubleshoot components (3 Questions) 18 D: Recognize names, purposes, characteristics and appropriate application of tools (5 Questions) 19 Part 3: Perform preventive maintenance ofpersonal computer components 22 A: Identify and apply common preventive maintenance techniques for personal computer components (10 Questions) 23 Topic 2, Laptops and Portable Devices (17 Questions) 27 Part 1: Identify fundamental principles of using laptops and portable devices 27 A: Identify appropriate applications for laptop-specific communication connections such as Bluetooth, infrared,cellular WAN and Ethernet (3 Questions) 27 B: Identify appropriate laptop-specific power and electrical input devices and determine how amperage and voltage can affect performance (2 Questions) 29 C: Identify the major components of the LCD including inverter, screen and video card (0 Questions) 30 Part 2: Install, configure, optimize and upgrade laptops and portable devices 30 A: Removal oflaptop-specific hardware such as peripherals, hot-swappable and non-hot-swappable devices (5 Questions) 30 B: Describe how video sharing affects memory upgrades (2 Questions) 32 Part 3: Use tools, diagnostic procedures and troubleshooting techniques for laptops and portable devices 33 A: Use procedures and techniques to diagnose power conditions, video, keyboard, pointer and wireless card issues (5...
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