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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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Adán Díaz Rivera
Inglés C1


The territory of the state of Sonant is mountainous to be in the outer slope of the Mountain range Western Mother. It presents/displays a noticeabledeclivity towards the Gulf of California. In the sonant state the river basins of the rivers of the state present/display a declivity pronounced until the coast, which originates the precipitation of itswaters, those that are going to lose themselves, with the exception of those of the Yaqui and Mayo, in sandy grounds of the coast. Between the different organizations and institutions that accompany thisprocess by knowledge: Independent university of the State of Mexico is tried to get to formulate handling strategies that allow to work and to look for the sustainability of the hydric resource likepart of the identified strategic resources in the state of Sonant. The precipitation is one of the definidores elements of the climate of any point or area of the terrestrial surface. Like the otherelements of the climate (temperature, atmospheric pressure, winds, etc.) its study is made on the basis of the weather datas measured by located specific instruments in diverse points or stations underresponsibility of state organisms, institutes or companies that need or are related to the handling and use of the climatic and hydroclimatic information. The development of the GeographicInformation Systems (SIG) and the application of the geostatistics have supposed an impulse to the analysis of the space distribution applied to the hydrogeology. A SIG is a set of computer science programsthat serve to capture, to store, to recover, to transform, to show and to analyze diverse space data types (Burrough and McDonnell, 1998). Although the SIG allow the space data manipulation, thecharacterization and modeling of the space distribution patterns of these data require of the use of suitable statistical and mathematical techniques. The geostatistics is a valuable tool for that type of...
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