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  • Publicado : 24 de octubre de 2010
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mediatin and
  school counseling

This new department consists of
orientation unit and inspectorate
usually born in 2009 as aneed for students, parents and
the educational community in general,
support, strengthen and develop methods
school rape prevention.

Every day we meet and interact
with others indifferent areas:
at home, street, school ... Mode
we relate is often very
deferens and marked by:

• Lo que pensamos, es decir, las
creencias internas que setienen.
• Quienes sean las personas que se
• Las actitudes que manifiesta cada

What we think determines what
do. That's why it'simportant to be
We know that thoughts
hover over his head and how do we
act in one way or another.

Our motto "100% school life"
work invites us to the welfare of
our students, sothis also has
created a ranking of school life,
courses in which to submit best
indices of behavior and fellowship
have the option to participate in
championship sports breakfastaccess intitucional prize clothes,
watch movies, and passes among others.

Inspector General
Hugo Ramos S.

Public Relations
Ambar Castillo C.

English Department HeadCarolina Varela O.

LANGUAGE Department Head
Cecilia Fernández A.

MATH Department Head
Nancy Hinostroza L.

History Department Head
Paola Reyna P.

Department Head SCIENCESJacqueline Villa V.

Department Head ED. PHYSICAL
Fabiola Seguel I.

Wallstreet Department Head
Susana Mejías P.

Chief Inspector
Sector 1
José Navarrete

Secretary GeneralNatalia Salgado

Executive secretary
Liliana Quintana

Finance Officer
Carmen González

Chief Inspector
Sector 2
Daniel Fernández

Chief Inspector
Sector 3
Ricardo Rivas