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Best Practices in 360 Degree Feedback
The design and implementation of the 360 degree feedback system requires thoughtful planning. Are the employees accepting the system? Are the goals, proceduresand benefits of the system clearly defined? Is the rating instrument relevant, valid and reliable? Please carefully review the recommendations made in this article that have been derived fromextensive research on how to ensure the success of the 360 degree feedback system.
Critical Factors for Success
In order for the 360 degree feedback system to be successful there must be employee acceptanceof the system. Both perceived accuracy and justice are considered critical factors for system acceptance. If the system is unjust or has errors, it will be dismissed for obvious reasons. Fortunately,reputable providers of 360 degree feedback have often delivered hundreds of thousands of ratings, and are experienced in maximizing the likelihood of system acceptance. There are three key steps tousing the 360 degree feedback system successfully:
1. make it fit into the organisation;
2. make it psychometrically sound;
3. use with care.
Make it Fit
Try to make the 360 feedback fitinto the culture of the organization. In doing so it will appear less threatening and more fair.
Increase Employee Participation
To increase the perception of justice, employees should be encouragedto be active participants in the evaluation. A multiple source feedback works best in an environment that is team-oriented and cooperative. Giving individuals the opportunity to voice their opinionsabout the system's construction, process, and results will increase employee buy-in, acceptance, and will yield useful suggestions.
Train Feedback Providers
It is also important to train thefeedback providers to be sensitive, respectful and polite. Treating employees in a friendly and respectful manner, and offering constructive advice will make them more open to accepting the performance...
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