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F. Choose the correct answer for the following exercise. Page 103
1. What ________ we bring to the party?
a) should b) must c) may

2. ________ run in a hospital.
a) May b) Should c)Don´t

3. ________ careful!
a) Be b) May c) Can

4. You ________ to do your homework.
a) have b) can c) should

5. ________ you play a musical instrument?
a) Have to b) Can c)May

6. ________ I check your papers?
a) May b) Have to c) May not

7. At the ________ you can check out books.
a) bank b) hospital c) library

8. Can ________ she borrow a pen?a) Mustn´t b) Can c) Have to

9. At the ________ you can get medical advice.
a) restaurant b) park c) hospital

10. You ________ pay your gym membership on time.
a) must b) can c)may
Backup practice: Page 129
a. Let´s talk. Listen to the conversation and read along.
b. Listen again and repeat with the recording.
c. Practice the conversation in pairs.

Roger:Hey, what's up? Where are you going to go on vacation with your graduating class?

George: We aren’t sure. I think we will go to South Africa for the World Cup this year.

Roger: Are you serious?How cool is that. Are you going to watch all of the games?

George: I hope so. We will definitely try to watch all of them. Except, I also want to try and surf.

Roger: Yeah. I heard the surfthere is amazing. Are you going to bring your surfboard?

George: I'm afraid not. The school won´t let me bring it. We will have to travel with only one suitcase per student.

Roger: Well, there aregoing to be lots of students going on the trip, right?

George: Yeah. We will be about 150 students. Almost like a herd of elephants.

d. Write the sentences that express uncertain plans andcertain plans in the column. Check your answers with a partner.

Uncertain plans | Certain plans |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

e. Use the...
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