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The Fairtrade Foundation

Volunteer Role: Fundraising Volunteer

Closing date:

The Fairtrade Foundation is a rapidly growing organisation which licenses the consumer label the FAIRTRADEMark in the UK on products that meet international standards of Fairtrade. Our unique independent guarantee is helping producers in the South and consumers in the North to challenge conventionaltrading systems that condemn millions to poverty and hardship.

The Fundraising team is responsible for securing approximately 20% of the income to the Fairtrade Foundation. To date this income hascome from statutory sources, donations from member agencies, grants from trusts and foundations and to a lesser extent from individual donors. In line with our exciting organisational strategy (Tippingthe Balance) the Fundraising team is tasked with generating the additional funds required to take Fairtrade in both the UK and globally to the next level.

Role description:
Located in theFinance and Resources Directorate, the Fundraising Volunteer will be responsible for a range of administrative activities in support of the work of the Fundraising team.

Tasks include:
1.Transferring donation information from monthly bank statements
2. Inputting information about new and potential funders onto fundraising database
3. Carrying out research into potential donors, aspects ofthe Foundation’s work and other target areas.
4. Support the Fundraising team with other ad hoc tasks in line with requested skills.

Skills required:
* Numeracy (e.g. for accuratelyinputting donations)
* Familiarity with databases and Microsoft Office packages.
* Research skills, specifically internet-based
* Strong written communications

Commitment: Ideally we wouldlike to have a volunteer for 2 days a week for 9 weeks, with an extra day during the first week of every month, from the week beginning the 22nd November to the end of December.

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