Tecnologia en la actualidad

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Instruction: Write an essay giving your opinion about how technology affects people’s lives.
With the beginning of a new age of technology our lives are more easy and comfortable, but this can bringa lot of problems and affects the entire world.
To begin the invention of the computer bring to us a new form to be in contact with other people of different parts of the world, you can now whatit’s happening in Japan or London, also you can talk with your family, but the problem of the social networks is that you lost your privacy you open the doors of your life to some unknown and can stileyour information that’s why is more easy a kidnapping.
The television is a form of entertainment, you can watch news and know what is happening in other places you can be communicate also you can use itfor play videogames but nowadays this games are so violent and kids can play them, they don’t have the supervision of their parents so they can watch everything they want, the television stile a lotof time and can be a health hazard because can be bad for your eyes.
Cellphone can use it for an emergency and be in contact with your friends and family but is it is scientifically proven that thecell can affect health physically and psychologically, can damage part of the brain but can also harm your academic performance.
Technology, help us to find vaccine an treat an illness, but technologycan be a cause of death for example in the case of Chernobyl, where an atomic bomb seriously affected the local population, and many people died from radiation, the technology not only makes lifeeasier if you do that in the future we will bring many complications and significantly affect the environment.
Finally technology facilitates the work of the people therefore we no longer have a habitof doing the job manually at some point in the future there will be more diseases because of technology, everyone has their own point of view about the technology, but for me it is something that...
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