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Along with the environment, technology is another independent variable that strongly influences on the organizational characteristics, all organizations use some form of technology to run their operations and do their jobs, technology is something that takes place in organizations in general and businesses, particularly through knowledge accumulated and developedover the meaning of the task execution, technology 'is used to transform the material elements.


Technology is the set of technical, scientific, allowing design and creates goods or services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and meet the needs of people. It is a word of Greek origin, τεχνολογία formed by Techno (τέχνη, "art, technical or trade") and logy (λογία), the studyof something. Although there are many very different technologies, often use the singular term to refer to one or all of them all.

Technological activity influences the social and economic progress, but has also produced the deterioration of our environment (biosphere). The technologies can be used to protect the environment and to prevent the growing needs cause a depletion or degradation ofmaterial and energy resources of our planet.


historically, technologies have been used to meet basic needs (food, clothing, housing, personal security, social relations, understanding of natural and social world) delights for body and beauty (sports, music, hedonism in all its forms) and as means to satisfy desires (symbolizing status, weapons and all kinds of artificialmeans used to persuade and dominate people.)


The technology can be seen from two different angles as an external environmental variable or as an internal organizational variable:

a. Ambiental. The technology as technology is a variable component of the environment to the extent that enterprises buy, incorporate and use their systems, the technologies created anddeveloped by other companies belonging to its task environment.
b. Technology as organizational variable. Technology is an organizational component to the extent that it is part of the internal system of organization and therefore influences the environment and task.

Technology can be considered as an environmental variable that influences organizations, from the point of view oforganization, technology can be approached and analyzed from 'various angles and perceptive, this is its complexity. Some authors have tried to propose classifications or types of technologies to facilitate the study of his administration.


The technology has certain general characteristics, such as: specialization, integration, discontinuity and change.
As technology increasesspecialization tends to increase. Integration is much more difficult in a high-tech society in the low-tech, because the first tends to make a system more complex and interdependent parts.
The flow of technology is not a continuous stream, but rather a series of discoveries of new developments. The technological revolution, produces perhaps with some delay, a parallel social revolution, as havechanges so fast that they create social problems long before the company is able to find solutions. The job requires a number of changes in organizational forms, styles of supervision, structures rewards and many others. For an adjustment to technology, what is needed is more economic and social mobility, occupational and geographical, administrative and employee.

IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON SOCIETYTechnology has brought great benefits to humans, since the invention of devices and systems for the detection and diagnosis of disease, the creation and improvement of tools and accessories that are useful to simplify the work home. Also in the business area has evolved with the incorporation of technological innovations in their processes. On the other hand, technological advances have been...
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