Tecnologia y avabces english

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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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Technological advances.
As we have seen technological advances have been increasingly more recent years and most have been of great help to humanity, and manyhave also affected the environment.
One of the biggest and more popular advance that we have is the Ethernet is a collection of interconnected communicationnetworks that use the family of TCP/IP, ensuring that the heterogeneous physical networks that make up works a single logical network, worldwide.

Another example of ahuge advance is the ecological vehicles (hybrids) are an alternative propulsion vehicle powered by an engine combining electricity from batteries and an internalcombustion engine.

An example of an advance in the medicine is the scanner to detect cancer “The researchers found that X-rays in cancer patients show patientsthat can real the genetic profile of their tumors. These DNA fingerprints can then be used to determine the patient’s treatment”.
The technique provides theclinician with information on the progress of the patient’s cancer, which until now was only possible through a biopsy.
Electroinmunizacion camera does to HIV (AIDSvirus) vulnerable.
Is a treatment of patients with acquired immunodeficiency virus(HIV), with the help of a magnetic pulse generator system for the body's defense.Other advances in technology is the iPhone 4s it’s a innovate cellphone in which you can have video calls, GPS, camera of 8 pixels, projection keyboard,projection movies, it has voice sensor, new processor A5 that is the faster in the world. Up to now the cellphone is the most quoted and with the best technology.
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