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SIPART DR20 Controllers


Description Application, design Mode of operation Device functions Control and display functions Adjustable parameters, Configuring switches Technical data Ordering data

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Siemens MP 31 · 1998


SIPART DR20 Controllers
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Fig. 4/1

SIPART DR20 controller Slot AE3, fittedwith module Slot AE4, not fitted, with dummy panel Slot GW, not fitted, with dummy panel Slot SES, module pulled out Terminal block of standard device Earthing screw Mains plug Clamp for fixing the device in a panel; second clamp underneath device Fig. 4/2 SIPART DR20 controller, rear view 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Application The SIPART DR20 controller is a process controller suitable for a wide rangeof applications both in process engineering as well as in mechanical and apparatus engineering. It is available as a:

The standard device comprises: - Control and display unit with main circuit board (CPU) - Standard circuit board with power pack and switching elements for the built in input and output circuits - Plastic housing. The basic circuit boards is inserted into the housing from therear and connected to the main circuit board via a contact strip. The standard device has 2 built in analog inputs (non floating current inputs 0 (4) to 20 mA) as well as a digital input to which various functions can be assigned and which acts normally or inverted.

Continuous controller (K controller) for connection to pneumatic or hydraulic actuators with proportional action Controller withstepped output (S controller), programmed either as a three position step controller for electric actuators or a two step controller with two outputs for heating and cooling.


As a result of its flexibility, the SIPART DR20 controller is suitable for simple control loops as well as for solving complex control tasks. It can be retrofitted at any time with a interface for con nection tohigher level systems (process computers or control systems) or incorporated in a central operation and monitoring system with a personal computer. The device can also be configured as a ratio station, process indicator or manual/automatic control station.

The manipulated variable of the SIPART DR20 controller depends on the controller design: - In the K controller, the output circuit provides acontinuous current of 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA - The S controller has a stepped output with two relays for 250 V/5 A with spark suppression elements. The controller also has a digital output to which various functions can be assigned just like the digital input and which acts normally or inverted. Two slots are provided for additional analog inputs (AE3 and AE4). Input/output modules for I/U/TC/RTD/Rcan be inserted in these slots. The controller can handle 3 analog input signals at the same time.

Design The SIPART DR20 process controller is of modular design and therefore easy to service, to convert and to retrofit. It consists of a fully functional standard device into which additional modules can be inserted to increase the number of inputs and outputs. These modules are used in theSIPART DR19, SIPART DR21, SIPART DR22 and SIPART DR24 controllers. They are inserted into slots at the rear of the standard device (Fig. 4/2).


Siemens MP 31 · 1998

SIPART DR20 Controllers

Fixed setpoint controller Fixed setpoint controller with disturbance variable feedforward Follow up controller Fixed setpoint controller/ follow up controller SPC, DDC Synchronizationcontroller Ratio controller Ratio station Manual/automatic control station Process indicator (S controller) (K controller)

Options AE Analog input GW Limit monitor BA Digital output SES Serial interface BE Digital input Fig. 4/3 Function diagram of a SIPART DR20 controller

The slot GW is provided for a module to output limit signals. Two different limit signal modules are available. The...
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