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Technology is the set of knowledge, skills and resources necessary to reach a predetermined end through the use of artificial objects (artifacts) and / or the organizationof tasks.

Functions of the technologies

Historically, technologies have been used to meet basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, personal protection, social relations, understanding of naturaland social world), for bodily and aesthetic pleasures (sports and music) and as means to satisfy desires (symbolizing status, weapons and all kinds of artificial means used to persuade and dominatepeople).

Technological development milestones

Some prehistoric technological milestones were:

* On Fire
* Stone tools and weapons
* Cultivation of wheat
* Domestication
* writing

And some historical technological milestones were:

* Domestication of the horse
* Manufacture of glass
* Metallurgy of iron
* Compass
* Steam engineAdvertising

Most technology products are made for profit and advertising is crucial for successful marketing.

-Advertising that uses technological resources such as print, radio and television, isthe principal means by which goods manufacturers and service providers unveil their products to potential consumers.

Environment and technology

Extraction of these materials or contamination byhuman use is causing problems difficult to reverse. When this extraction or contamination exceeds the natural replenishment or regeneration, the consequences can be severe. Examples are:

* Thedeforestation
* The contamination of soil, water and atmosphere
* Global warming
* The reduction of the ozone layer
* Acid rain
* The extinction of animal and plant species

Tocompletely eliminate the negative environmental impacts should not be taken from nature or add to it more than you can replace, or delete itself.