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  • Publicado : 22 de mayo de 2012
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In the end of the sixtie´s Colombian Goverment closed a big part of the mines in the country. A lot of workers stayed without job, and people searched newbusiness for earning big money. People search new forms to get money and the economical chrisis that was in the South America countries forced to the people to go to the mountains for growing marijuana.This people named “marimberos” or “marihuaneros” who recibed seeds of marijuana from the new exportings. In the north of Colombia some people began to get rich selling one herb that was smoked in NorthAmerica. The marijuana began to be exported by particular people from South America to North America and begining to exist the new continental mafia “Los Cárteles de la droga”. 

The mafia´s loaded alot of chargement of marijuana in boats from South America to the U.S.A.´s East Coast acrossing Caribbean sea. The coastal police couldn´t contain the the boats that hid drug, and a lot of mercancyarrived to the U.S.A.´s coasts. 
While, in U.S.A., many hundred of colombians emigrated to North America for looking for “The American Dream”, and they installed in the big cities of Atlanthic coastlike New York, New Jersey and Washington, including Chicago. They began to form new chaines of distribution with cuban people and other latins selling narcothics in the street. 

Marijuana was a verypopular drug in the rest of the world, but many years later would begin the authentic business: the business of cocaine. 

The principal countries cocaine exportings in the world are Colombia,Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and North of Argentina. The cocaine is grown in the South America´s mountains the massive form. 
The cocaine comes from little tree called “bush of coca”. During many centuriespeople in South America consumed coca chewing the leaves of the bush and its effects anaesthetics and painkillers was already known. The indians used the coca for traditional medicine because the...
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