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Tordivel as Storgata 20, N-0184 Oslo, Norway www.scorpionvision.com

Scorpion 2D and 3D Robot Vision
Robot vision is one of Scorpion Vision Software’s focus areas. Scorpion gives the robot the ability to pick products with high precision in 2D or 3D Flexible automation means robots, automation and vision working together. This reduces cost and increases the flexibility and possibility toproduce several product variants in one production line at the same time - 24 hours a day - with profits. The vision system’s ability to locate and identify objects are critical elements in making these systems. Scorpion Vision Software has been used in robot vision and inspection systems for many years. Scorpion has a complete toolbox of robust and reliable 2D and 3D image processing tools needed forrobot vision, gauging and assembly verification. Included is high accuracy and subpixel object location with 3DMaMa and PolygonMatch™ technology making it a perfect companion to World Class Image Components.

Flexible and easy interfacing to standard robots With Scorpion Vision software it is easy to implement reliable communication with robots from any vendor. Scorpion is used with robots fromABB, Motoman, Kuka, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Sony and Rexroth Bosch over serial and tcp/ip ports.

Robot Vision • 2D & 3D Robot Vision • Robot Guiding • Part Inspection

Complete Robot Inspection • Zero defects, 100% inspection

3D image for Random Bin Picking

Scorpion Vision Software®, Sony Cast pro II robot and Sony firewire cameras working together.

PD-2009-0012-A Scorpion Robot Vision

1 Tordivel as Storgata 20, N-0184 Oslo, Norway www.scorpionvision.com

Application Areas
Pick & Place Systems
One successful high-precision Scorpion robot vision system was the Pick & Place system for Ericsson’s logo to be mounted on a mobile telephone. The system was purchased by Mikron’s factory outside Oslo, Norway.

Picking products from a pallet is easy

The most important featuresand tools are: • Simple two step 3D camera calibration using ExternalReference3D - our accurate and easy to use 3D camera calibration. This tool is the basis for all 3D tools. • Full 3D visualization and 3D types in Scorpion including a 3D geometry method set. • Measuring object size independent of it’s position • 3DMaMa™ - an extremely powerful tool to find multiple objects in a 3D pointcloud •ChangeReference3D - Moves a 2D plane using the 3D camera calibration. In robot vision this removes the need for multiple plane calibrations. • Locate3D - Fast and accurate location of objects in space - x,y,z - using one, two, three or four cameras. Clever business logic to remove “bad” points increasing robustness and accuracy. Three and four cameras can be used to extend the volume where theobject is located. • ObjectPosition3D - Easy location of unknown 3D objects by combining information from multiple cameras. The third dimension of an object measured by a pattern matching algorithm. • MonoPose3D - locates an object in 3D with one camera • Retrofit 3D Robot Vision onto existing solutions without any hardware change - applies when camera is mounted on the robot Scorpion is probably thefirst non-programming 3D camera system available. 3D support is available as an option to all Scorpion versions from Lite to Premium The 3D and 3D advanced options contain more than 50 tools. The options are continuously expanded with more capabilities.

Below you see Scorpion picking rings from a pallet. The green cross indicates the center of the ring. The rings are randomly placed on thepallet and the center of the ring is located within a couple of millimeters. The solution is made with Scorpion Premium and a VGA Firewire camera.

Pick & Place logo application

Picking rings from a pallet.

Robot Vision Inspection
At Electrolux Motor in Sarpsborg, Norway, Scorpion is working together with a Rexroth Bosch Scara Robot. The system is verifying the gap of a chainsaw sword with...
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