Tectkonick (how to)

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Diego Pérez Tejada
January 15, 2010


Tecktonik is a dancing style that was born in Paris, France in a night club called "Metropoly". It started to become famous in the21st century around the world. This fame was obtained thanks to Tecktonik parties called "Tecktonik Killer". Many groups of people gather in night clubs to dance. The founders of these wellknown parties are Cyril Blanc and Alexandre Barouzdin. These dancing style is also called "Milky way". The genres that are used for this dance are for example: "House", "Electro","Hardstyle/Jumpstyle". Tecktonik launched a clothing brand, energy drinks brand, and compilated CD's with the genres mentioned before.
Some of the very famous and talented Dj's that belong to Tecktonik andall its branches are:
* DJ Fontan
* DJ Klaas
* DJ Dess
* Dim Chris
* DJ Furax
* Kevin Tandarsen
Tecktonik has several influences. Some of these are:
* Glowsticking.This style was born around the 80's and 90's in the USA.
* Hip Hop.
* Locking. These style uses the movement of arms and wrists.
* Popping. In this style it's common the contractionof muscles. Along with "Locking", Popping belongs to the "Funkstyles".

Basic Movements
Hands/Wrists: With your hands crossed forming an X, make round movements in direction to your chestconstantly.
Feet: To the beat of the song your dancing to, move your feet in a paralel way to the right and to the left.
Arms: With your arms forming a cross, the right one on top of your leftone, place them close to your chest and then extend them to form a larger X. You have to variate, one time your right over your left and one time your left over your right.
Head: You candecide whether to move your head or not. The movements have to be light and to both sides. When you take your arm over your head you have to make more remarkable movements.

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