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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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Antidote to Apathy
by Dave Meslin

Author's hypotesis is that apathy as we think and we know it, doesn't actually exist, but welive in a world where we put obstacles and barries to people to become apathic; For example, in many cases, city halls seek to hide or the non participation of the people, serching an intentionalexclusion of society in public policies; Public spaces nowadays are ruled by the money: Whoever has the most money gets the loudest voice, and it confuse and manipulate society to make unfair decisions.The media have a significant influence on society behavior, it can make huge things based on small ones, and can be something extremely big, an insignificant thing.All those things have influencein people apathy, that is becoming usual because of their confused situation.

The most clear example of it, are the political parties which are an uncreative and unbelieve organizations thatactually bore society, lost their trust in government and manipulate society to behaive as they want. That really affect people participation, getting more and more apathy.On the other hand, we could takeadvantages of charitable groups that helps society to be aware of their situation, they have a lot of influence in people and are the principal prof that we can change apathy for participation, itsbasicly a matter of initiative.

However, our world needs heroes to change our reality. And heroic acts are goten in a collective effort, it's imperfect, not very glamorous and it doesn't suddenlystart and suddenly end, it's an ongoing process your whole life, that's why we have to start since we are aware of the problems and work for getting solutions, so we can overcome apathy.

Toconclude, is real that we live in an enviroment where all these obstacles are being put in our way. There's hope because we can change, if we can redifine apathy as a complex web of cultural barriers that...
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