Teenage wasteland

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Teenage Wasteland

1. What was the reason for Donny to behave that way?
As the story goes on, I could understand that Donny was a guy who hisparents did not pay much attention to. He tried to get their attention and their trust.

2. Was it ok for the kid to be treated as a problematicchild?
He just needed attention and someone to talk to, most of the time, the kids who act in the same way as Donny its because they need attention.But if you tell the kid that he is wrong, that he has no cure, that he is a rebel, he is not going to change in a positive way; he will continuethinking that he has no way to be fixed and would not care about that aspect.

3. Was this Donny’s entire parents fault?
I would say that it is,parents are responsible for almost everything that happens with their children. It is all about education and how you get along with them. Donny’s problemcould be easily avoided if there was a good education behind him.

4. Why would Donny take the decision of running away from home?
He was tiredof being treated as a problem; he just wanted to be understood. He was never treated way he deserved.

5. Why it is the story titled “TeenageWasteland”?
There is a song from a hard rock band called The Who; they have a song called Baba O Riley which is also known as ‘Teenage Wasteland’ thissong is an anthem for the rebellious people in the 70s in the UK. The song is about getting wasted. To my perspective, it fits the story very well.
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