Teenagers' identity

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Teenagers’ Identity

Since the beginning of times humans have been social beings, that is the reason why they are always looking for a place they feel they belong to. Because of this need, socialgroups have always had a powerful influence on their identity. However, social groups can have a negative effect on teenagers, as they can make them change their behavior, appearance, and can alsoaffect their self-esteem; since they are going through a difficult stage on their lives, they can easily be influenced by others who they may think that really appreciate them.

To begin with, it iswell known that teenagers go through a hard phase in their lives, dealing with crazy hormones and identity crisis which makes them constantly try to find themselves, or to define which their realidentity is. While trying to accomplish it, they usually do things like getting along with other teenagers who, of course, share their same likes, experiences and many other aspects that vary from one personto another. It is very common that teens start imitating others from their newly formed social group who they see as role models. In order to do this, they begin to change the way they speak, dressor act only to be more similar to them; this becomes a damaging aspect as most of the times teens are not defining their identity by themselves, but there are being influenced by the peer pressure theyfeel and the need of being accepted by others.

Moreover, their believes can also be affected because they adopt new ones from the social group they belong to and in extreme cases leaving behindwhat they learned in their families, for example their parents taught them that women should always be respected, but because of peer pressure they change this and start hitting them or just beingdisrespectful towards them. Furthermore, their points of view about particular themes can change, but not because they are getting more mature, but because of them trying to be like the others in their...
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