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I know that even though we are used to the things of today's world, there are those who are still far behind us. Some countries don't have the many things that we take for granted, when it comes to technology. In my essay, I will show what it would be like to explain to a third world country, how it is to live our teenage lives compared to theirs. I chose Kenya as my country, because I know thatthey are about as technology poor as anyone else could ever be.
Teenagers in most countries, don't know what it's like to go out and find your food for the day. We have never had to live outside in the weather, and bathe in the river. We don't have to protect what's ours, from everyone else who lives in our town or village. Sadly, it isn't as peaceful as we are used to, everywhere in theworld.
We have it pretty good, actually. Places like here in Spain, or in England or America have a small number of homeless people. In a country like Kenya, almost everyone is basically poor and homeless. They have no running water, electricity, and have less than enough food. We don't know what that's like.
We as teenagers in a safe, clean country, never think about things like that. Wewould if we lived there, but we don't. We don't feel bad for the way we live, because we forget that poverty is a real problem. We don't see it in our town, or on the news everyday, so how could we?
We are too busy texting on our cell phones to notice. We are too busy listening to music, or watching our favorite television program to think about people who don't have these things. Very fewof us ever think about how bad some people have it, and even fewer of us do anything to help it.
If we had the chance to explain the way we live our lives to the people of a poor country like Kenya, they wouldn't even be able to understand. They would think we are from some other planet with the way we live our lives compared to them. They are used to waking up on a piece of cardboard, andbrushing the dirt off of themselves when they get up everyday. They wouldn't know what to do if they were brought into the world we live.
We as teenagers in the world of modern technology, don't think of it as a luxury to be able to get out of a nice warm bed everyday, and walk safely to our bathroom to use the running water to shower, and pee, and brush our teeth. To look in the mirror tofix our hair, and make sure it looks okay. To go to our full closet of clothes to pick our outfit for the day. To put on our shoes to protect our feet, and think nothing of it. A coat to keep us warm in the winter. To us, it is an automatic thing and it would feel stupid if we didn't do these things. We are required to do all of the things that people of Kenya could never do.
We listen to ourmusic, and can't imagine life without it. We watch television when we're bored, without even looking at it as a luxury. We go to school everyday, and most of us hate it rather than look at it as a chance to learn and become an educated adult. We have money in our pockets for food and other things that we don't even need.
It isn't our fault that we live life the way we do, though. We don'tknow any other way, so to use everything the way we do, feels normal and common. We are raised into this world, and we are used to it.
Sure, we have things in this world that other places don't have. For example, it isn't fun to put up with friends who do drugs and drink all the time. It isn't fun to be pushed into doing things you don't want to do. It isn't fair that we are made to dothings we don't believe in, on a daily basis.
People from Kenya don't have relationship stress. They don't have the drama attached to things like Facebook. It's an entirely different set of worries. So even though we have all of these things and we are advanced, I don't know if it's always a good thing. Sometimes it would be nice to wake up and not worry about some of the modern problems....
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