Teenagers should not be allowed to wear designer clothes or shoes at school.

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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2012
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Teenagers should not be allowed to wear designer clothes or shoes at school.

The idea of enforcing uniforms in schools has always been controversial. I am in favor if school uniforms for severalreasons. The first reason I support school uniforms is because it would help blur class lines, and students would feel less of a difference among themselves. We live in a time where class differencesare very obvious and money has a big effect on peer relationships. Uniforms promote equality. People with less money wouldn’t feel that their opinion in class is seen from their income level.Education would be the main focus for all students, and those students unable to afford expensive fashion would not have to try so hard to fit in through their clothes.
Uniforms support discipline inschool: many teachers and parents think that wearing uniforms in school enhances discipline. For students, the simple act of wearing a uniform implies that they are behaving within certain norms. Thisbecomes a visual reminder that students to adhere to certain norms within the school setting.
Schools that have uniforms have less discrimination and social pressure between kids. Though mostchildren would like to wear name brands or dress in the latest fashion, not all parents can afford it. For the students who cannot buy this kind of luxurious clothing, fashion can subject them todiscrimination between them and their classmates. It can cause them to be ostracized and cause emotional stress. When students go to school dressed in uniforms, they are all the same. Everyone has the samepants, skirts, shirt, similar shoes, etc. This situations avoids the social pressures of comparisons and the feelings of incompetency that those that cannot afford the latest fashion might otherwise feel.Students will realize that they do not need to purchase certain clothing in order to fit in with their classmates and be part of a certain group. This is an important part of self-esteem and...
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