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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2012
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MINI-LINK™ TN release 4
Microwave transmission with advanced integrated traffic handling

MINI-LINK TN is a complete microwave radio link with the capability of handling PDH, SDH, Ethernet and ATM in the same node, over the same hop, using all the required frequencies in the 6-38 GHz range. The scalable edge, repeater and aggregation nodes make it possible to find an optimized solution for anysite, from one to eighteen modems. The agile radio can handle all the required capacities and modulations, using a complete range of antennas. The scalable architecture of MINI-LINK TN enables easy and cost efficient network expansion. MINI-LINK TN has everything from small alloutdoor nodes with 4 Mbit/s up to large aggregation nodes that can hold as many as 18 modems in one indoor 10 U sub-rack.All nodes use the same plug-in units and the same MINI-LINK TN platform. There is a wide variety of site solutions with radio base stations and MINI-LINK TN (Ericsson Site Collection). With the use of Soft Key upgrades and plug-in modems MINI-LINK TN supports network evolution in terms of increased capacity, new functionality and restructuring of topology. In view of the demand forcost-efficient migration from voice to data MINI-LINK TN handles both TDM and packet traffic in an efficient and flexible way. MINI-LINK TN provides the Quality of Service necessary for Ethernet in a Mobile network. Market leading reliability maximizes air time and reduces the need for redundant links, requires less spare parts and reduces support cost overall. An efficient management system with advancedfault management is another key to reducing operational cost.

Integrated Ethernet Ethernet in mobile networks provide one interface for all capacities, enabling the possibility to remotely upgrade capacity both in Ericsson’s base stations and MINI-LINK TN. Aggregation of traffic through the integrated Ethernet switch means substantial capacity savings. The capability to simultaneously transmitboth Ethernet and TDM traffic permits easy migration to Ethernet. MINI-LINK TN provides all the required Quality of Service for a mobile network, as well as Ethernet protection to ensure reliable connections. Integrated Aggregation ATM aggregation, Ethernet switching and SDH aggregation enable substantial transmission savings. Real customer cases show initial savings of typically 75–90% using ATM.Integrated Cross connection The integrated cross connection functionality minimizes the need for cabling, reducing the site complexity and improving overall site quality. It also makes it possible to do remote traffic configuration. Cross connections of E1, VC-12, VC-3 and VC-4 are implemented in the system. STM-1 ring with integrated ADM MINI-LINK TN has full STM-1 ring functionality withintegrated ADM for add/drop of E1’s, eliminating the need for any external equipment.

Extensive protection for carrier class equipment Network, line, equipment and propagation protection are all supported by the MINI-LINK TN equipment. XPIC and dual polarization antenna XPIC (Cross Polarization Interference Cancellation) together with dual polarized antennas, allows for twice the capacity within onefrequency channel. The integrated dual polarized antenna installation reduces the waveguide losses compared to the separate installation. This allows using a smaller antenna or a longer hop. Cost-efficient all-outdoor solutions The compact MPH for MINI-LINK TN is an alloutdoor solution for end and repeater sites with 1 or 2 radio units. TMR 9302 is an all outdoor solution for medium aggregationsites with the possibility to use up to 5 radio units. Both solutions can be mounted on a single pole or on a wall. Hop compatible with MINI-LINK E MINI-LINK TN is easily introduced into MINI-LINK E networks for easy evolution towards modern functionalities, like integrated aggregation, remote capacity upgrade and migration to Ethernet. MINI-LINK TN is hop-compatible with MINI-LINK E when using...
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