Television violence: a social issue

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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Ricardo Augusto Garcia
Maria Antonia Sanchez Alvares
Mr. Mendoza
Writing class- Level VIII
17 November 2011
Television Violence: A Social Issue
The impact of the television in the society is caused by five different remarkable aspects that such an invention, the TV has in its content; one of them is the news that most of the time presents violence that can be seen by people ofall ages without control, some movies genres which present inappropriate content at any time of the day and expose youngsters to nudity and vulgar language , the musical videos that show mayhem to people in which women are shown as a sexual object on the one hand, on the other hand, subliminal messages spread around, the bad influences of cartoons causing children and teenagers to imitate someinappropriate physical as well as verbal actions and the malicious trends of some sports that display free violence and nasty conduct.
I. The Television is one of the most persuasive means of communication
A- Almost everybody has the possibilities to watch TV.
B- Television has in their content violence
II. Since when the television was created, it has been presented violence in theircontent.
III. Television news presents in an inappropriate way the things that are happening in our society
A- Abuse
1- Abuse from relatives
2- Rape
B-Content uncensored
1- Strong content
2- Gruesome news
All of that news are affecting in different forms people's behaviorIV-The majority of movies that are presented on the television have inappropriate content.
A-War movies
2-Excessive use of aggression
B- Diabolic movies
1-Routes them to the path of evil
2-Imitate the actions
C- Real life movies.
2- Sex abuse
The inappropriate content that moviespresent can change your point of view
V-The musical videos that are shown in the television present mayhem to viewer.
A- Subliminal messages
1- Satanic
2- Double meaning
B- Use of drugs and sex
1- Addictions
2- Illegal actions
C- Women as sexual object
1- Abuses
2- Discrimination
The influences of musical videos affect theway of thinking of the people
VI. The aggressiveness of cartoons can disturb children's attitude.
Bad language
1- Nasty words
2- Threats
B- Fights
1- Aggressions
2- Murders
C- Discrimination
1- Sex
2- Racism
All those television programs cause several consequences in people's behavior.
VII. Some sports show the bad intention ofsome players.
A-Malicious actions
1- Fights
2- Envy
B- Aggressions
1- Verbal Insults
2- Body Insults
C- Violent fans
1- With evil behavior
2- Troublemakers
VI. The television is a real influence for the people because of it content.
A- News, sports, movies, cartoons and musical videos.

Ricardo Augusto GarciaGarcia, Sánchez 1
Maria Antonia Sánchez Alvarez
Writing class- Level VII
17 November 2011
Television Violence: A Social Issue
The television is one of the most persuasive means of communication. Television has become a life style for some people, changing their points of views and their attitudes.Nowadays, there is more violence on TV than in the past. In addition, the most affected in this issue are children because they do not differentiate between right and wrong contents. Children very often spend a lot of time watching TV than doing important activities such as studying or interacting with the family. Children who constantly watch violent TV programs are more likely to act aggressively...
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