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The carnival is a public celebration that takes place immediately before the Christian Lent, with variable time (from late January to early March in the year), combining elementssuch as costumes, parades and street parties. By extension, some parties are named like at any time of year. Despite the great differences that its conclusion presented in the world, their commoncharacteristic is to be a period of permissiveness and a lack of control.

In Ecuador for its large indigenous population in the mountains, we celebrate the carnival with water, foam carnival, talcumpowder or cornstarch to paint the face or any type of paint plant. The most known of this event is Guaranda city, capital of Bolívar province, 4 hours from the capital of Ecuador, where they come fromthe same mountains and the coast of Ecuador for being in the middle of Ecuador. Typical liquor is drunk in the area, the "bluebird." There is a parade of floats, identifying various themes and dancetroupes most traditional carnival song "The Carnival of Guaranda." A different kind of celebration is what takes place in Ambato, land of flowers and fruit, where the feature, unlike the rest ofEcuador, are the cultural troupes, which performed the parade of floats, decorated with flowers and fruits in the area and delegations from other countries come to march in it. The coast cebración to otherwater, foam and balloons also joins the cultural celebrations of the area and in Esmeraldas where international festivals are held African-American cultures in places like "La Calle 8" and the ThermalBath Palms. In Guayaquil, which is the largest and most populated city of Ecuador, known as the "Pearl of the Pacific" is from 2008, the Carnaval de Guayaquil, thanks to the initiative of the MostIllustrious Municipality of Guayaquil, has been promoted as a cultural festival. Various activities involving children, youth and adults, have made this event becomes a tourist and cultural event of...
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