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Think of a famous person or someone you know who has exceptional talent. What special talent does he or she have?
Read along as you listen to the story about a young musical prodigy.AMODERN-DAY MOZARI
The Juilliard School is an internationally famous performing arts school in New York City. There is a student at Juilliard who, according to music experts, is the greatest talentto come along in 200 yeast. This student recently wrote five complete symphonies, and he is only 12 years old!
His name is jay Greenberg.
Jay wrote a musical piece called the storm in just a fewhours for the new haven symphony in Connecticut, U.S.A.A well-respected American composer, Sam Zyman, compares jay to great prodigies like Mozart. Jay can compose a piano sonata in twenty-five minutes,and it´s a great piece of classical music!
In an interview, jay said that he doesn’t know where the music comes from. The music comes fully written, playing like an orchestra in his head. These days,while kids are downloading music off the internet, jay downloads music from his head.
Using a computer program, he composes so fast that he often crashes his computer.
Jay´s father, Robert, whobecame blind at 36. Is a linguist. His mother is a painter from Israel. Neither of his parents is a professional musician, but as a child jay heard music in his head all the time. He started composingwhen he was in elementary school. His teacher’s didn´t know what to do with him. At age 10, he began his studies at Juilliard.
When jay was 11, he began studying with third-year College students.
Jaycontinues to hear music in his head.
When music enters his head, he writes it down. Beethoven changed his compositions many times. Jay never has to. He says, “it just comes out right the first time”.15 comprehensions
Answer the questions.
1. What kind of school is Juilliard?
2. What is jay Greenberg’s exceptional ability?
3. Which great composer is jay compared to?
4. What´s...
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