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Unidad I Mi vida diaria (escribe 10 enunciados de cada subtema)
1.1 Mi rutina diaria
1.1.1 Verbos regulare e irregulares
1.1.2 Presente simple (forma negativa afirmativa e interrogativa)

I eat breakfast every Day
I do not eat breakfast every day.
Do I eat breakfast every day?
Yes i drink milk in the morning
I don’t drink milk in the morning
Do I drink milk in the morning?

I lovesleep a lot
I don’t love sleep a lot
Do I love sleep a lot?

I study English on vacations
I don’t study English on vacations
Do I study English on vacations?

I speak on telephone to my friends
I don’t speak on the telephone to my friends
Do I speak on the telephone to my friends?

I use the computer in my house
I don’t use the computer in my house
Do I use the computer in my house?I do my homework in the afternoon
I don’t do my homework in the afternoon.
Do I do my homework in the afternoon?

My sister speaks English very well
My sister don’t speak English very well
Does she speak English very well?

I listen rock music in my iPod
I don’t listen to rock music in my iPod
Do I listen rock music in my iPod?

I love dance in the party’s.
I don’t love dance inthe party’s
Do I love dance in the party’s.?

1.2.1 Verbo have-has

I have a computer
I have an iPod
I have a beautiful cat.
I have a grandmother
I have friends
I have good teachers.
I have one of best friends in the word.
I have a back pack.
I have maquillages.
I have a boyfriend

My father has a work
My sister has a doll
My mother has a car
My sister has a bed room
My cat has alittle bed
My father has a beautiful family
My uncle has a business
My grandfather has a big house.
My friend has a computer
My mother has a big kitchen

1.2.2 Circunstanciales de tiempo (everyday, before, after, and then)
I eat my breakfast every day
I listen music before do my homework
I think before do anything
I study a lot then I have to pass my test.
I kiss my mother every dayin the morning
My mother wake up after me
I eat a lot then a have to wait a minute to swim

1.3 presente progresivo (afirmativa negativas e interrogativas)
I’m doing my homework right now
Am I doing my homework?
I’m not doing my homework

My friend is taking on the telephone
Is he taking on the telephone?
He isn’t taking on the phone

My mother is cooking a cake
Is she cooking a cake?My mother isn’t cooking a cake

My father is working in his office at this moment
Is he working in his office at this moment?
My father isn’t working in his office at this moment

I studying English right now
Am I studying English right now?
I’m not studying English right now.

My sister is playing with her doll
Is she playing whit her doll?
M sister isn’t playing with her doll

Mycat is playing with my uniform.
Is my cat playing with my uniform?
My cat isn’t playing with my uniform.
Unidad II Como fue mi infancia (Selecciona un poster, foto, dibujo en el cual escribas una pequeña historia utilizando cada uno de los subtemas)

When I was a child
I played with my friends at the school.
I lived in Mexico City and I loved to go to the subway in the mornings.
Isang songs with my mom and we loved it.
I was so cute, my mom told
I was funny and little and my father took me photos every day.

2.1.2 Existencial there was/there were (forma afirmativ. neg. interrog.)
Are there people that love me a lot? Every day ask me in the mornings but now I know.
I used to say no, there aren’t people, but my friends and my parents let me know, they help me when ahave a problem when I’m sad or happy.
Yes there is someone in the world to trust. My family and friends

2.2 Como fue mi escuela.
There was a place that a used to love, my school.
I went to a beautiful school, it was little but there were a lot of children at the school.
We played on the floor, and my teachers were angry. I did not care.
There was a child that bothers me and some day I...
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