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  • Publicado : 15 de septiembre de 2010
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This story definitely appealed to me. I’m not a very religious person myself but I would like to get involved more in it. The young boy in this story made a choice that most kids his age wouldmake. I do believe he was wrong for lying to all the people who prayed dearly for him. However, his mistake is very understandable because learning from mistakes is a wisdom children develop as theymature. The boy in this story is at an age where
many things are confusing to him. When most kids are confused at a young age they tend to follow other peoples actions. Imitating others actions isnot very beneficial because its like taking a gamble. I don’t think anyone should gamble with important decisions, especially when your whole family is counting on you. I believe that everyoneshould obey their instinct and nothing more. Whenever I’m confronted with a difficult task and there’s nobody I can turn to, I trust myself. The boy obviously had a lot of weight on his shoulders andfelt isolated. He wanted to be free from all the pressure but at the same time he didn’t want to disappoint his family. I’m not really sure why this boy wasn’t saved by god. I accept the fact thatI’m not very religious and its why I have no understanding. However, I do think maybe he’s not ready to be saved just yet. I have the sensation that his sins were so minor that god believed therewas no need for
him to be saved. I also have the thought that his
sins were so great that god denied to save him. Maybe there’s something the boy should do before he asks for gods forgiveness.Forgiveness isn’t just handed out, its earned. He needs to prove he’s worthy of a second chance. God is very acquit but even his forgiveness should be earned. The boy should try to reflect on somesins he’s made in the past. Once he realizes what he did was wrong and why it was wrong he should recuperate his sin. He should try his best to complete a good deed of equal or greater value.
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