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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2011
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15 June, 2006

Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change May be Overestimated
Norwegian researchers have recently analysed the wider social impacts of climate change in Europe. They have questioned thecurrent complacency regarding climate change impacts, vulnerability, and ability to adapt in Europe. The study concluded that greater attention needs to be paid to the social context and consequencesof climate change, and to possible adaptation strategies.
Climate change is one of the most pressing environmental, social and economic threats facing the planet. The European Commission has takenmany climate-related initiatives since 1991, when it issued the first Community strategy to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and improve energy efficiency. Nevertheless, it is very likely thatEurope may have to face the effects of climate change in the near future, including the alteration of natural ecosystems, changing agricultural, forestry and fisheries productivity, increased risk offloods, erosion, and wetland loss. These possible climate change impacts are not expected to be the same and of the same magnitude all over Europe. It appears that the southern part of Europe mayexperience stronger and more negative effects than the North. Most European assessments of climate change impacts have focused on different economical sectors and ecosystems, while very little is known aboutthe potential effects of climate change on European society. Furthermore, the main focus has been on technological adaptation, and little attention has been paid to the process of climate changeadaptation. The current study analysed recent studies of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation in Norway, in order to identify the wider social impacts that climate change may have in Europe.Three main lessons were drawn from the analysed studies: 1. The potential indirect effects of climate change (for example, changes in demand for goods and services in one sector resulting from...
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