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Sculpted Eers

Custom-fitted to the unique shape of your ear in just four minutes, the Sculpted Eers earbuds from Montreal-based Sonomax deliver dynamic sound in an ultra-comfortable way. The DIYkit comes with easy instructions for achieving a perfect fit for either of their two models—a single speaker PCS-100 or superior dual driver PCS-200.

The recently-launched earbuds will be availablebeginning spring 2011, and will sell for $200-300. To keep tabs on their arrival, follow Sculpted Eers on Twitter.

Granny Tunes
Soften up hard music with a hand-knit iPod case
by CHContributor in Design on 10 January 2011
by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi

Love having all your Townes Van Zandt tracks at your fingertips but can't stand the iPod's shiny exterior? Enter Granny Tunes, a hand-knitcase that covers the musical device with lacy looks. Seizing on fashion's enduring neo-boho obsession, the macramé-like design is fetching enough to charm younger patrons and not just grandmas rockingiPods. The snuggly pouch, available in neutral palettes (white, beige, khaki), weaves style, function and culture together, playfully embracing the vogue for knitting grannies while building ontraditional modes of Greek lace-making.

Café en una barra

El diseñador Im Jeong Heo nos presenta el Cappuccino Café Stick es una cuchara en
forma de palillo cargada con su café favorito que sedisuelve en una deliciosa y humeante
taza de agua.

Uno debe retirar el envoltorio plástico, sumerjir la cuchara en una taza bien caliente de
café, moverlo para que se sisuelva y está listo parabeber.

Permítame presentarle a la forma más revolucionaria de hacer el café .... directamente desde una memoria! El Cappuccino Café Stick es una cuchara cargada de su café favorito de revisión que sedisuelve en una taza de delicioso vapor de agua. Arranca la envoltura de plástico, sumerja la cuchara instantánea y un buen remolinos más tarde, una taza bien caliente de café está listo para su...
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