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Tennessee Williams' Biography
By:Chanelle Silva11-2 Alexandra Ocasio 11-2

Tennessee Williams' childhood
-Williams was an American writer from the south. His real name was Thomas LanierWilliams. -He was born in Columbus, Mississippi on March 26,1911-His father was a shoe salesman, he also drank a lot, he was not around when Tennessee was little so he spend most of his time with his mother,his sister and his maternal grandparents whom he loved very much. when Tennessee was about 7 years old he got sick with Diphtheria and he didn't do much,so his mother told him instead of sittingaround doing nothing to use his imagination, and she went ahead and bought him a type writer.

Tennessee Williams' college years
-While Tennessee was growing up his mother didn't like him to play withother boys, so when school ended he set out to find college. -He went to the university of Missouri , but his father didin't approve of him being a writer so he made him quit and work at shoe factory,even though he only really wanted to write. -Later on Tennessee got a heart problem because of the lack of sleep so his dad approve to let him go to the university of Washington where he got somepapers published. -He entered a contest and he lost so he quit and went to the university of Iowa where he got his nickname Tennessee. there he got a bachelor's degree.

Tennessee Williams in the"Glass Menagerie"
-Tennessee's sister Rose had a Frontal Lobotomy, while he was in Iowa. This affected Tennessee,because he knew his sister would never be the same. - "The Glass Menagerie" has backgroundof Tennessee's life where, Tennessee is "Tom" and he is struggling to support his mother, and sister after his father leaves. His form of escape is going to the theater where he finds imagination. Atthe end of the story he leaves, just like his father did, and never comes back. -When his eyesight faded as his writing carrier began to sprout, he was an overnight success as a result of "The...