Teogonia de hesiodo

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Activity page 11

What can weather affect?
What is a meteorologist?
What do meteorologists use to predict the weather?
In what ways does weather affect your lives?
How does weather affect yourmood?
What kind of weather makes you happiest? Saddest?
Why do meteorologists warn us when severe weather is coming?
Why is knowing about the weather important?
Why is the work of a meteorologistimportant?
How can weather maps help meteorologists determine patterns of weather?

Activity page 12

What do cloud do?
What forms of precipitation are there?
What kind of weather do thin,wispy cirrus clouds indicate?
How are clouds formed?
What causes precipitation?
What does condense mean?
How can you describe cirrus clouds?
How can you describe alto clouds?
What is the connectionbetween clouds and water circle?
How do clouds help us predict the weather?
How are cirrus clouds different from alto clouds?
Why are gray, puffy clouds a sign of rain?

Activity page 13

Whatdo stratus clouds look like?
Which clouds are fair-weather clouds?
Which clouds are rain clouds?
What types of severe weather can cumulonimbus clouds produce?
How are cumulonimbus clouds likestratus clouds?
Where would you find stratus clouds?
How are fair-weather clouds different from rain clouds?
If you notice cumulonimbus clouds in the sky, what kind of plans would you make for the dayand why?

Activity page 14

What happens when there is a flood?
When does a flood end?
What is a drought?
What happens to part of the United States in the 1930's?
What causes a flood?
Whatproblems can result from a food?
What problems does a drought cause?
Why was part of the United States called the Dust Bowl?

Activity page 15

What kind of clouds do you usually see beforethunderstorms?
What do you see during a thunderstorm?
What do you hear during a thunderstorm?
Which happens first, thunder or lightning?
What causes lightning?
How is lightning different from...
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