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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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The book “Night” by Elie Wiesel has taught me many things and made me realize the importance of God in my life. This book talks about ateenage boy in the holocaust that loses his dad on his journey and finally gets saved by an American tank. I personally think that in timeslike this people tend to question God and their faith, because they suffer so much and often ask themselves why is this happening to me? Orwhy is God doing this to me? And I think that they did have the right to lose their faith when something like that happens, but at the sametime the people was good in heart and put themselves on the hands of God. Even though many people died, it showed the world a different viewof life and it made the world get closer to God.
I personally think that I’m very lucky to live in this era, and in this country wherethere is peace and freedom of speech. This book showed me that in times of hardship it is always good to get closer to God and ask for hishelp, because when you stay faithful with God, he will help you make it through. You might lose some family or friends in the way but at theend God always rewards you. Everything happens for a reason and God knows why. God has always been here for me and I am extremely thankful foreverything he has done and given me. I love God and his is my best friend. This book helped me get closer to me and I am glad I read it.