Teoria del movimiento por rudolf von laban

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Rudolf Von Laban Movement Analysis
Rudolf Von Laban was born on 1879; he was a Slovakian dancer, choreographer and dance theorist. Laban after many years of work he was recognized all over Europe asa really important person for choreographies, he invented a way and a sort of language where you can interpret, describe, visualize and notate all the ways of the movement of a human. This theory isused as a tool by dancers, athletes, physical and occupational therapists. Laban’s movement is one of the most widely used systems for human movement. Laban had a student, which continued his theory,and made it better, he is called Irmgard Bartenieff.
Laban’s theory is divided in four main categories: Body, effort, shape and space. The body category contains structural and physicalcharacteristics of a body while it’s moving. On the effort category is one of the most important for drama class, this tells us the different ways in which the body can move. For example we can compare thepunching movement and reaching a glass, we can see with Laban’s theory that the movement is quite similar but the variables are the strength of the movement, the control of the movement and the timing. Thereare four sub-categories in effort:
Space: Direct/Indirect
Weight: Strong/Light
Time: Sudden/Sustained
Flow: Bound/Free
Laban combined the categories (Space, Weight and Time) and got some basicmovements: Float, Punch, Glide, Slash, Dab, Wring, Flick and press. These are used in drama to train the ability of changing quickly on physical movements. Flow, which is the other category, means thecontinuousness of motions. On the Shape category it tells us the connections of the body on the space, and as the body moves the shape that it gives us, this makes the person capable to change ofposition in a more delicate way. On the space category Laban got the movements on the environment and with this he made a body move imitating environment moves. Here is where he baptized all the basic...
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