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The excess water is squeezed from the fleece and the wool is treated with oil to make it more manageable
After the wool dries, the fibres are passed through rollers that have metal teeth, untangledand arranged into a flat sheet called a web. Then, this web is formed into narrow ropes called slivers. This process is known as carding
Carded wool to be used for woollen yarn is sent directly forspinning. Thread is formed by spinning the fibres together to form one strand of yarn; the strand is spun with two, three, or four strands, and then it is wrapped around bobbins, cones, or commercialdrums.
After carding, wool intended for worsted yarn is combed to remove the short fibres and the longer fibres are placed parallel to each other. Then, the silvers are compacte and thinned through aprocess called drawing
After those processes: spinning woollens, combing and drawing worsteds, the dyeing process may be started at this stage
Next, the wool yarn is woven into. Two basic weavesare used by wool manufacturers: the plain weave and the twill. To make woollen yarn, the plain weave is used. A better constructed and finer fabric is produced by the twill
After weaving bothworsteds and woollens undergo a series of finishing procedures. Countless ítems of clothing can be made with woollens and worsteds


How chocolate is made
Chocolate is madefrom cocoa beans. The fruit contained in thr pods of the cacao plant, a tropical american tree.
Cocoa beans are harvested twice a year. First, the pods that contain the cacao beans are cut from thetree and Split open with a large axe. The beans and pulp are then removed from the pod and placed in bins or shallow boxes to ferment for three to seven days. During the fermentation process thebeans are frequently turned and mixed with the pulp
Once fermenting has finished, the beans must be quickly dried in the sun and bagged
The bags of beans are now transported from the plantation to...
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