Teorias de laaparicion de hombre

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Hamlet sees Fortinbras army of 20,000 men crossing Denmark. They are fighting for a piece of Poland. Hamlet lets out his immotions and says, he would fight overnothing if his honor was at stake. There are reasons why he thinks like that and I believe in some of them. I would do and say the same thing as he would.
Hamlet wants toavenge big hamlets death by killing Claudius. Hamlet wants to find the right time to do so but he never found it, until he came across the army marching for battle. Thatmade him pretty insane. He wants to kill his uncle to his honor back from his fathers death.
To Hamlet is the only person that can see and talk to his fathers ghost. When hetalks to the ghost people think he is going mad and don’t take him seriously. The ghost tell hamlet to go kill his uncle. Also to not hurt his mother and let her die withguilt and sorrow. Hamlet wants to avenge his fathers death. And by doing that he feels like he us going to get his honor back.
If I personally had to go through whathamlet went through I would have done the same thing. It would be horrible to know that my own uncle killed my father just to have all of his power. It wouldn’t be right frommy uncle to do that. I would have less respect for my uncle and lose all of my love towards him. He wouldn’t be concidered family to me anymore and would have hated him forthe rest of my life.
Finally, what happened to hamlet wasn’t a great thing. He had to g through a lot and suffer. His honor was in stake and had to do something to get itback. I would have done the same. No one takes my fathers life and gets away with it. Its disrespect and not right. I would do everything in my power to make up for it.
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