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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2012
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Topic: Why is a college education important?
College can be defined as an institution of higher learning that grants degrees in various works of life. Having a collegeeducation is very important in today’s world. Without a college education now and days you are looked up as a minority. In the following paragraphs I will talk about the importance of a collegeeducation, focusing on these three main points: you need a college education to gain a good and well paying job, with a college education people respect you, and lastly college broadens your knowledge beyondwhat you have learnt in high school.
To begin with, we all know with a college education, you are more than likely to get a job, compared to someone with just a high school diploma. Even though yourhigh school diploma is useful, a college degree boosts up your chance of employment by nearly fifty percent. According to the department of education a person with a four year degree can make up tosixty five thousand a year, while on the other hand a person with just a high school diploma will make about twenty six thousand a year. The difference between pay is quite obvious, this is enough toshow that a college education is very important.
Secondly, a college education earns you respect, the respect you will earn from your peers and family members will be highly honorable. A lot of peopledon’t know that younger people look up to their success. A child seeing you in college will be motivated to do the same, and even go beyond. With a college degree you can walk with pride and no onecan talk down on you. When highly educated people are meeting and talking, you can join into the conversation without feeling left out, or shall I say “dumb”. Nobody wants to feel like a minorityamongst their peers and also society.
In addition, attending college is not just to be able to walk out with a degree, it is also to require skill and knowledge beyond what was taught in your four...
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